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We can help you avoid bankruptcy

Stop creditor calls, wage garnishments, threatening letters, and payday loans. Know your options.

Free consultations: Just call 519-310 JOHN and your debt worries will be gone.


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    Adamson & Associates, Inc.
    Licensed Insolvency Trustees

    At Adamson & Associates we care about the people in our communities and we are passionate about finding you a solution to your unique financial situation.

    We administer a bankruptcy proceeding to help you obtain relief from creditors and obtain a fresh start.

    We negotiate a reduction of your debt and a debt repayment plan that the bankruptcy court, your creditors and you agree to.

     We help you sort out your debt issues with the tools and information you need to effectively manage your personal finances.


    Debt Payment Calculator

    Create your plan by calculating the specific monthly payments you need to become debt free! Simply enter your debt amount, the interest rate and the number of years you have left to pay it off.

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    What our clients say about us

    job loss in Ontario

    The possibility that you will get fired or laid off in Ontario is rising.

    small business bankruptcy

    Are you a small business owner that’s finding it harder and harder to sustain your company’s day-to-day operations?

    credit counselling process

    If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, you may wish that, with just a snap of the fingers, you could eliminate your debt.

    Need a fresh start?

    Feeling overwhelmed about your financial future and want a fresh start? You are not alone in your battle with debt and it doesn’t have to ruin your life. No need to feel uneasy about sharing your story with us. We understand that credit card debt, mortgages and loans, or changes in family situation and employment can all lead to financial challenges.

    At Adamson & Associates we care about the people in our communities and we are passionate about finding you a solution to your unique financial situation.

    Throughout our 20 years working to resolve debt issues through credit counselling, Consumer Proposals and bankruptcy in Ontario, we have had the privilege of helping thousands. Let us help you and discuss your options for a fresh start!

    This is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee
    Consumer Proposal Administrator
    Credit counselling & debt help
    Servicing London, Kitchener / Waterloo, St. Thomas, Chatham, Windsor

    Having a debt problem can be scary, but getting the wrong advice about how to solve it, can be even scarier!

    Having a financial problem can be very stressful, and for many people, there is a feeling of failure and embarrassment. It is these reasons that people don’t talk about their financial problems. The matter gets even more complicated because many accountants, lawyers and advisors are not aware of what options exist for people with money problems. Few people truly understand what bankruptcy is, or what services a trustee can provide.

    At Adamson & Associates Inc., we have built a solid reputation as an Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Consumer Proposal administrator. We provide our clients with the best in professional insolvency services.

    We understand that bankruptcy can be a troubling and confusing time for most people, so we strive to provide our clients with information every step of the way to reduce their stress levels and anxiety about the future. With many years dealing with bankruptcy cases in Ontario, we have had the privilege of helping many people through this tough ordeal.

    If you are having financial problems and are considering bankruptcy, please call us for help.

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