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Podcasts are becoming the number one way to increase our knowledge about things that matter to us. They are an easy way to learn on the go.

Take this opportunity to tap into the experts in the financial field. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are professionals that have a wealth of experience in personal finance and debt management.

Personal Finance Podcast

Each debt podcast episode covers specific topics from budgeting to Bankruptcy. It’s an easy way to find out about the options available to you to manage your debt.

Download and listen here:

Debt Solutions for People With Debt

Canadians are feeling the effects of the rising inflation rates on their debt levels pushing many into a financial crisis. John Adamson discusses the two most popular insolvency options, Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals.

Budgeting Tips to Improve Your Finances

Budgets don’t have to conjure up images of a life of deprivation. They can be a tool to help you gain better control of your finances, giving you more peace of mind. In this podcast, John gives advice on making a stress-free budget

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