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 Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy and Credit Counselling offered by Adamson & Associates Inc.

When it comes to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Wallaceburg (also known as Trustees in Bankruptcy) Adamson & Associates Inc. are experts in the field who provide personal services to those experiencing debt problems and are here to help put debt solutions in progress. We provide FREE CONSULTATIONS and services involving Debt settlement, Credit Counselling, Consumer Proposals, and both Personal Bankruptcy and Corporate Bankruptcy.

If you live in the Amherstburg area and wish to speak to someone who cares about your financial future, contact us at (519) 310-JOHN (5646) or CHAT LIVE with us and let us HELP YOU WITH THE ANSWERS YOU NEED.

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John Adamson, CPA, CMA
Licensed Insolvency Trustee

John Adamson, Licensed Insolvency Trustee -

Connie Schnekenburger
Estate Manager

Connie, Bankruptcy Trustee in Ontario

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This location is serviced through our office in Chatham. Click here to go to our Chatham page for more information.

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