Testimonials: Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ontario
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John Adamson and the amazing staff at Adamson and Associates are sympathetic and thorough and will ensure all issues during and after your bankruptcy will be taken care of. They are the best and should be the only choice you make.

Harley, St Thomas, Ontario


    Throughout our 20 years working to resolve debt issues through credit counselling, Consumer Proposals and bankruptcy in Ontario, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of clients.

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    • Vicki B. AvatarVicki B.

      John and Christine made a very difficult experience very comfortable for us. They put us at ease making the experience easier to deal with. When Covid hit we dealt primarily with the St. Thomas office. All the employees there are top notch and were always so willing to answer our questions. I cannot say enough positive things about this business. They all made a very unpleasant situation easier to deal with. Kudos to the entire office. - 7/10/2021 

      Brandon C. AvatarBrandon C.

      Adamson made this very difficult process a much easier experience for me. I would recommend this bankruptcy trustee in Windsor to anyone with financial difficulties. It's free to call, the staff were very patient and available for questions and were extremely knowledgeable. You can tell they have been doing this type of debt relief work for awhile. I am in a much better postition both financially and emotionally. Many thanks! - 6/03/2021 

      becky a. Avatarbecky a.

      They are amazing there and very friendly I was struggling and they helped me get away from all the collection calls I couldn't be happier thank you Adamson & Associates - 12/10/2019 

      Cuzinit7 AvatarCuzinit7

      Today I had the priviledge of recommending Adamson and Associates. John handled my affairs over 10 years ago. I was treated with respect and dignity which is the only way anyone should be treated, but sadly does not happen that way. We are all just trying to get along the best way we can. BRAVO! Adamson and Associates - 4/13/2019 

      Ali H. AvatarAli H.

      Thank you John for your help I really appreciate your help to take all debts of my shoulder ! - 3/25/2019 

      Jessica H. AvatarJessica H.

      I was in to meet with John, he was amazing! Met with me within a couple days, and everything was organized and taken care of for each meeting. - 2/28/2019 

      Donna D. AvatarDonna D.

      Excellent service! Adamson and Associates is a company that truly helps their clients, from the receptionist to the partners, they all genuinely care and are non judgmental at a very difficult time. When you are facing stressful financial burdens, it is extremely comforting to know that they are there to help and remove some of that burden from you. Great company, highly recommend them. - 1/02/2019 

      issa_barbie b. Avatarissa_barbie b.

      I was a bit nervous at first but meeting with john him self helped put me at ease going into meetings my past debt is now gone thank u - 4/17/2018 

    • jean k. Avatarjean k.

      Recommended John and associates to a friend who was struggling and too embarrassed to confide in anyone. After sitting down to discuss their money issues John released a 10 yr burden they had been carrying around. To see the look on their face after the meeting was priceless. Not everyone has the ability to make people feel this way but John and his staff have proven themselves to be the best in their business . - 10/26/2017 

      Tyler J. AvatarTyler J.

      They are very helpful and take care of everything so you can have a fresh start I was very happy with there service I would recommend them to anyone with financial problems:-) - 9/28/2017 

      Sandra H. AvatarSandra H.

      I have not been able to work in 8.5 months due to an injury. My monthly payments were to much and I couldn't afford to by food. I went to Adamson & Associates. There I was treated very well without judgment. Every one was well informative and helped me out with what was best for me. I would highly recommend their services... - 8/17/2017 

      Hayley H. AvatarHayley H.

      John Adamson and the amazing staff at Adamson and Associates are sympathetic and thorough and will ensure all issues during and after your bankrupcy will be taken care of. They are the best and should be the only choice you make. - 5/29/2017 

      Tom W. AvatarTom W.

      The main focus of the team at Adamson & Associates has always been to help the clients the best way they can to get through their most difficult financial times. Their desire to put the client first has always been the priority. If you're ever having a difficult time financially, call the team at Adamson & Associates Inc. They'll answer your questions, no matter big or small. - 11/03/2016 

      Juan P. AvatarJuan P.

      Amazing service, you need not necessarily go to an expensive law firm, you can count on John Adamson and his expert paralegal team experience, trust and effectiveness in dealing with all sorts of legal matters. - 10/12/2016 

      Stephanie H. AvatarStephanie H.

      They are great people and helped out alot of people!! - 9/30/2016 

      Jean J. AvatarJean J.

      Before I chose Adamson and Associates, I met with a couple other bankruptcy companies and after meeting with those other places I was more confused. One lady I met with kept looking at her watch telling me she had other appointments. A friend told me about John Adamson. What a difference!! They didn't rush me though a consultation. I went back a few times with questions and they always made time for me. John Adamson is very easy to talk to. When I couldn't see John, I met with Connie and she was also excellent. It's an embarrassing thing to go through, but these people were awesome. I settled my debts with a proposal and I feel so much better now. I can't thank you guys enough. - 9/28/2016 

    • Suzanne K. AvatarSuzanne K.

      My is Rita Dalal..he is the best lawyer in town..he's very compasoniate of his work ..I refer everybody to him...please consider him as a the most amazing lawyer for bankruptcy...I give him 5 stars - 9/13/2016 

      Peter Q. AvatarPeter Q.

      I have had the opportunity over the last 20 years to watch John Adamson and his associates help hundreds of ordinary Canadians overcome their financial problems and the toll they take on folks. John has a deft personal touch that at once comforts people while informing them of the various options open to them to right their financial lives. Those facing financial hardship would do well to consult Adamson & Associates and they will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. John and staff get 5 stars! - 8/29/2016 

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