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Personal Bankruptcy

Student Debt Leading To More Bankruptcies

In Canada, one in every seven personal bankruptcies is a result of student debt. Student loans are big business! It’s a billion dollar industry, but this wasn’t always the case. In the 70’s, students could work a summer job and earn…

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Bankruptcy Questions

Common Bankruptcy Questions Asked and Answered

Many hard-working Canadian debtors walk into our office filled with questions - and anxieties - about bankruptcy. Their concerns typically revolve around how bankruptcy works and how filing for bankruptcy might affect their families. And while most debtors really aren’t…

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How To File For Bankruptcy

How to File for Bankruptcy

 If you reached this page then you are probably wondering how to file for bankruptcy. In just a few minutes, this video will explain that process. There are really only three steps. Step one: Research your options. Bankruptcy may not…

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Steps To Bankruptcy Help

3 Easy Steps to Getting Bankruptcy Help in Ontario

If you’re in financial distress, the thought of having to file for bankruptcy has probably crossed your mind more than a few times. And that’s likely for good reason. Because while there are downsides, the bankruptcy process definitely offers hard-working…

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